Please check this area regularly (at least once a day) as all course related announcements will be made here.


1. Please hand in your lab 10 Thursday April 13th in my office from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. I prefer that you hand deliver your lab 10 to me during this time slot on this day of Thursday April 13th, 2017. Only in case you could not make it during this time slot, you can slide it under my office door any time before Thursday 13th of April. However, you need to follow up by an email to me stating that you slid your lab 10 under the door. I will keep this email for my record to make sure you submitted your lab 10. You should be able to collect your graded lab 9 when you submit your lab 10. I will let you know by another email when you can collect your graded lab 10.

2. A reminder that I continue to hold a special tutorial session every Friday4:00 to 6:00 PM until the final exam. Please note that I am using these tutorials to go through extra problem solving for those in need of the extra help. Attendance in these tutorials is not compulsory but is recommended.

3. Note that the final exam will be about material covered after the mid-term. You will be tested on three major topics in the final exam: (i) sampling distributions of sample stats, (ii) confidence intervals, and (iii) hypotheses testing. All problems we covered on these three major topics either solved in class, in your textbooks, in your labs, and in the list of final exam prep questions will be useful for your preparation for the final exam.

4. I will provide you in the form of a pdf file a list of final exam prep questions in a follow up email. I will also post this pdf file on the course web site. You should NOT rely only on this list of questions in preparation for your final exam. Make sure you review and develop an in-depth understanding of the material and questions we covered in class, in your lecture notes, in the textbook, and in your labs.

5. The Teaching Assistants will not be providing anymore office hours in April. They already paid their dues. However, I will be providing office hours every Friday until the final exam from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM in my office as usual.

6. You are entitled to an equation sheet(s) package during the final exam. There is no limit as to the number of pages for such package. Please do not include solved problems in your equation sheet(s) package.

7. Please note that I will NOT provide you with copies of probability distribution tables during the final exam. PLEASE bring your own copies of all probability distributions tables to the final exam. You need distribution tables for the Z, t, Chi Square, and F distributions. Please note that some of these distributions may have two different tables (as I pointed out in class several times). Bring all the tables associated with each of these distributions. A reminder that I have distributed hard copies of these tables in class during the entire term. I also provided digital copies of such tables on the course web site for your convenience.


Tuesdays lab section has moved to CAWP 2916.

The midterm is scheduled for Tuesday March 7, 2017.

1/25: Make sure we have recieved your lab assignments by checking the “Received lab assignments” page WEEKLY . It is your responsibility to make sure we have received a lab from you. Please contact Younes Ailia if there are any discrepancies or to inform us of a late lab assignment.

2/3: Please make an effort to follow the Tips on improving lab assignments posted on the lab section of the course webpage.

3/17: Final Exam Schedule is out. Please keep up-to-date with the location and time of the final exam.