Welcome to Introduction to Biometrics and Business Statistics – FRST 231

In this website you will find updated information about the course’s calendar plus all the downloadable files required for lectures and labs. If you are a current student for this course, please visit this website frequently for official updated information.

Important announcements related to your final exam

Instructor info

Younes Alila
Department of Forest Resources Management
Forest Sciences Centre (FSC), room 2030
Office hours: Fridays, 11:00 AM to 1:00 pm  OR  by appointment

Guidelines for conduct on written assignments

You will be strictly held to the University’s policy on academic dishonesty. Be sure that you are familiar with that policy (read here). Enrollment in this class means that you are responsible for your conduct with respect to the University’s policy and our guidelines. Please note that both copying another person’s work and allowing another person to copy your own work are considered academic misconduct.